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Enroll in Mapleton

Enroll in Mapleton Public Schools

Select "Current Families" to begin the Annual Update for current Mapleton Public Schools families.

Select "New Families" if you are enrolling in Mapleton Public Schools for the first time. 

Interested in preschool? The preschool application process starts with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood Universal Preschool application.  

Mapleton Public Schools is a district of choice, meaning families can apply to attend any of our schools.

Admission is subject to space limitations. We will do our very best to place your child in your first-choice school. However, if we are unable to place your child in your first-choice school, we will make every effort to place your child in your second or third-choice school. 

Read about Mapleton's small-by-design schools

Current Families

Students in grades K-12 are automatically rolled up into the next grade at their school if that grade level is available. 

Current families must select a new Mapleton school for the following year if:

  • A student attends a school that does not offer a continuing grade level. For example, a 6th grader attending a school that does not offer 7th grade, or an 8th grader attending a school that does not offer 9th grade.
  • A preschool student turns 5 years old by October 1. Preschool going into kindergarten will need to select a school for kindergarten. Preschool students are not automatically enrolled in kindergarten at their current school.
  • A student would like to transfer to a new school within Mapleton Public Schools. 

If you are a current family needing to select a new school, please complete the Annual Update. 


If you live within Mapleton's district boundaries, we will provide transportation to your school of choice (if you live a mile or more from your school of choice). This applies to all students living within district boundaries and more than one mile away from their school of choice. Learn more about Mapleton's comprehensive transportation system

School Finder

School Finder highlights the important information you need when researching, discovering, and comparing Mapleton’s schools that are small by design.   

Using School Finder, you can search Mapleton's schools by:

  • School model (Dual Language, EL, Gifted and Talented, Online K-12, STEM, Leadership, Performing and Visual Arts, and more!)
  • Location
  • Grade Level
  • Interests
  • Activities